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For rent by residents. Complete with full kitchen, tables and chairs.

"Little Free Library" located across the clubhouse parking lot under the flag.

Lighted Tennis Courts (2)

Volleyball Court


Walking path

Danny Woods memorial park. Lighted walking path is paved and designed for infant strollers 

Swimming Pool and baby pool

The swimming pool was completely resurfaced in 2017 .

Upcoming Events

2018 CCVCA Annual HOA dues

 If you have not paid your dues please contact Beacon Residential Management immediately to set up a pay plan to avoid further late fees and lawyer fees. 

Up Coming Events


The pool will be closed for emergency repairs Monday & Tuesday June 18 and 19. Weather permitting. 

Pool Hours


Pool opens for summer hours Tuesday-Sunday 12pm - 8pm Closed Mondays for cleaning

Pool closes on weekdays starting August 20

Pool is open weekends August 25, 26 and September 1, 2, 3 (Labor Day)

Pool closes for the season on September 4

Safety Break

Safety Break is the last 10 Minutes of each hour. Everyone is required to be out of the Pool


Safety Break is the last 10 Minutes of each hour. 

Everyone is required to be out of the Pool. Lifeguards are not on duty.

Pool Changes this year – “Adult Swim” vs “Safety Break”

  Welcome to summer neighbors! The pool is open for the season. Over the Memorial Day Weekend there were complaints and concerns about the change from “Adult Swim” during the last 10 minutes of the hour to “Safety Break” where the lifeguards were instructing everyone to get out of the pool.

  This year the company we have manage the pool, Aquatic Management of Houston, is at the mandate of their insurance company, responsible for strictly enforcing the “Safety Break” where everyone gets out of the pool.  This is a result of incidents and lawsuits across the nation over the last few years.  The HOA board learned of the chance in the enforcement of the policy over the weekend just like everyone at the pool.

   There is an option for our HOA to sign a waiver with the pool management company to allow adults to swim at this time, but this would leave our community HOA 100% responsible for any adult or child accidents in the pool during that 10 minutes.  While it is unlikely there will be any accidents, if there are it could easily bankrupt our HOA leaving our community in a precarious position.  We have reached out to the HOA insurance agent to see what coverage we have under our policy and if it would be an option to sign the waiver and still be covered if there was an accident or issue.

  Next week, after we receive feedback from the insurance company regarding our options we will get a survey out for feedback.  Right now, the “Safety Break” with everyone out of the pool will be enforced. The lifeguard’s primary responsibility is the safety of the pool users.  If you have complaints or questions about the lifeguard’s, working or rotation schedule, enforcement or rules, actions, or attitudes take these up directly with Aquatic Management of Houston and not the lifeguards.   Any profanity or arguing with the lifeguards will lead to ejection from the pool.   



(281) 446-5003

Or ask a lifeguard to call for a supervisor to visit the pool and address your concern. 

Thank you for your patience and feedback while we work through the changes and options. Stay cool and enjoy the summer!

UPDATE:  At the June 7th HOA meeting  The pool management representatives addressed the meeting and apologized for the change management around the “Safety Break” vs “Adult Swim” 10 minute break. They confirmed the requirement is for adults and children to be out of the pool during the “Safety Break”  It is a clause that has been in the contract for the last several years, but without strict enforcement until this year.  This year their insurance company has stipulated the “Safety Break” be enforced for all swimmers. Homeowner feedback suggested that the pool management company train their lifeguards to give a correct and consistent message regarding the “Safety Break” since conflicting messages were causing confusion. The pool management representatives agreed that additional training was needed. They also clarified that during the 10 minutes the lifeguards should be hydrating, checking the pool chemicals, checking the bathrooms, and picking up in the general pool area.  All in attendance agreed that angry mistreatment of the lifeguards was unacceptable. 


 In the closed session the board members discussed the HOA insurance company response to allowing adults to swim during the safety break. Our HOA would NOT be covered by the pool management or the HOA insurance if this was allowed.  As stated in previous communications we appreciate and want homeowner feedback in meetings and on social media.  Please respond to the survey regarding options around Adult Swim. 

 Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/r0QgLlja9qhKMjNE2 

Get Involved!



Are you interested in being more involved in our neighborhood?  If you are still reading you must be interested.  Join the volunteer committee. 

Q: What will the committee do?

A: To start we need people to help plan and make the HOA sponsored events successful, but if you have other ideas join the committee and let's all talk about it.  

Q: What is the time commitment?

A: That depends on you. Help plan an event, help with pool passes, clean the clubhouse, fix something that needs repair, or who knows what else we will come up with as a group.

Q: How do I join?

A: Complete the survey.  With that information we can schedule a meeting time and get started.  The 1st meeting will be sometime in May at the Clubhouse.

Get Involved Survey!

Contact Kim.oneal@gmail.com with questions. You can also find me on Nextdoor and the Facebook group.

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